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#05 What The Fonts

「What The Fonts 是什麼?」


不同的字體有著不同的創作形式和風格,我們思考是否其他方式與邏輯來重新演繹一個字體的可能? 本刊物以單字的字義為本,回推到二十六個英文字母設計,其中主題涵蓋生活、品牌、電影、食物...等,我們試圖拋開傳統的設計形式,透過重疊組合不同元素,在看似抽象的圖形之下保持直觀與理性,實驗出固定形式之外所構成的字體,並藉由這個計畫引發我們對於更多看似理所當然背後的反思。

It is a vocabulary book, a set of English fonts, and a group of rare words.
In an era where design and aesthetics are becoming more and more significant, fonts are an essential medium for conveying information and are one of the culture carriers.

This book is based on vocabulary meanings and traces back to the fundamental design of the 26 alphabets, covering lifestyles, brands, movies, food, etc. We deliberated turn away from conventional font design by repeating distinctive elements, experiencing with a different approach of font design. Through this project, it triggers us to reflect on alternative aspects of design.

Graphic Design:Absence Lab

74x105 mm,56頁,經摺裝(全書展開尺寸約 200cm)

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